Funday Monday

CrossFit Fireground – CrossFit

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Warm-up (No Measure)

Run 100m

10 II Unders

10 P Cleans BB

10 Core

Run 100m

BB Warm-Up

Good mornings

Back Squats

Elbow Rotations

Strict Press & Reach

Romanian Deads

Front Squats

Metcon (Weight)


20 II Unders

2 P Cleans

Starting about 60% of 1RM and building to a heavy set of 2 TnGO

1/1 Singles on scaled
This is a 10 round workout so we are working on getting our II Unders done each and every round. This is a TnGO for 2 reps P clean. We are scoring your heaviest 2 Reps on the P Clean on the last round that you can complete both movements (II Unders/SIngles & P Clean. If you’re unable to complete both, your weights stop going up.

Point Break (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


20 DB Hang C&J 45/25

Run 100m

Box Step-Ups 24/20″

Run 100m

20 Sit-Ups


20 DB Hang C&J 50/35

15/12 Cal Bike/Row

20 DB Box Step-Ups 24/20″ 50/35

15/12 Cal Bike/Row

20 GHD’s
On the DB Hang Clean & Jerk, we will use one DB and do 5 reps on one side then move to the other until completed.

On the DB Box step ups, you will also use one DB and you can hold however you need.

On the GHD’s, this isn’t a place to rest, so if you need to rest, and someone is waiting, come off please.