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Warm-up (No Measure)

30 Sec Each Direction

Wrist Stretches

1 Min

Handstand Hold Stretch

2 Min

Straddle Stretch

40 Sec each

Easy Row

Active Samson

Front Plank

Moderate Row


Side Plank (20- Sec each side)

Faster Row

Reverse Lunges in place

Hollow Rocks


Buckle Up (3 Rounds for calories)


200′ Walking Lunges (No Weight)

50 Sit-Ups

Max Cal Row

Rest 5 Min


100′ DB Walking Lunges 50/35 (Single DB)

50 Sit-Ups

Max Cal Row

Rest 5 Min


200′ Walking Lunges (no weight)

50 Sit-Ups

Max Cal Row

*Your score is the total cal on each round.

*We’re looking to have at least 1 min on the rower each round, so adjust reps or cap your first two movements at the 4 min mark.

* Walking lunges- First and Last intervals are completed with no weight at all.

*The middle interval is completed with a single DB, at a weight that allows you to complete the entire 100′ without stopping.

*Hold the DB wherever is most comfortable for the weighted lunges.

*On each lunge, make sure the back knee touches the ground and that the hips reach full extension between steps.