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EMOMx20 Burn (AMRAP – Reps)

45s work 15s rest

Min 1 Cal Bike

Min 2 Sit-Ups

Min 3 Cal Row

Min 4 Wall Sits

Min 5 Plank Holds

Score will be Calories and sit-ups


MIN 1 – 1 Burpee…rest remainder

MIN 2 – 2 Burpees…rest remainder

MIN 3 – 3 Burpees…rest remainder

-20:00 Hard Cap-

*Continue until you are can not complete the amount of burpees in the minute. If you fail before 10 minute mark, rest 1-2 minutes then start back at 5 burpees on the minute, then 6 burpees on the next minute, and so on…