Hard Hat Week 9

CrossFit Fireground – CrossFit

Clean Complex

Every 90 Sec x 7 sets

1 Power Clean

1 Hang Squat Clean

1 Squat Clean

Based on 1RM Squat Clean

Set 1- 60%

Set 2 -65%

Set 3- 70%

Set 4-7 Build to a Heavy Complex


Hellhole (Time)

50 Devils Press

2-2-2-3 Intervals style

35 II Unders

5 Lateral DB Burpees

Max Devils Press

RX 45/25


*This workout consists of 4 short and fast intervals

*The first 3 intervals last 2 min, with the final lasting 3 min.

*There is 2 min of rest between intervals.

*After completing the II Unders and burpees, you’ll complete as many devils press as you can with the remaining time.

* Your workout will continue until you have finished 50 total Devils press.

*Record the total time (including rest) it takes to complete the 50 reps.

* If you dont finish the press after the final AMRAPx3 , write your score as 15:00 and note total reps completed.