$85 3 Days a Week (50+ Athletes)

$135 Unlimited Single – Per Month

$190 Unlimited Couple – Per Month

$ 120 Unlimited Single- Full Time Teacher 

$ 180 Unlimited Couple- Full Time Teacher

$ 215 Unlimited Family – This Is 3 People, $5 Per Person After (Must Live Under The Same Roof)

$100 Unlimited Single – Full Time/Active  First Responder  (Must Be Full-Time With ID)

$180 Unlimited Couple – Full Time/Active  First Responder  ( Must Be Full-Time With ID)

$200 Unlimited Family – (3 People Under The Same Roof) Full Time/Active First Responder (Must Be Full-Time With ID)

$95 Student (Must Be Full-Time With ID)

$115 For Four Sessions A Week – Single Per Month

$100 Punch Card (10 Visits and is good for 356 Days)

5 Months Up Front 6th Month Is FREE (Doesn’t Apply To Other Discounts)

10 Months Up Front 11th & 12th Month Is FREE (Doesn’t Apply To Other Discounts)

On-Ramp Class Is $150, Couples discounts  (Contact Jerry Kelly @ 479-841-8915 Or E-Mail:

$20 Drop-In Fee For Day 1, $10 Per Day After, $50 For Week.  If you will be dropping in for an extended stay, you will have the option of buying a punchcard. See coach for details.

We have a MANDATORY automatic bank draft policy. Still NO contracts and to cancel your draft all you need to do is pick up a membership cancellation form from the box or look under pricing on this site and complete the form 30 DAYS prior to the date of draft. NO REFUNDS will be given, but no additional drafts will be made. Please don’t call or send text message or email (without the form) canceling your membership. We cannot accept them per policy above. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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